Entry form

Insight Student Filmmaker Award 2017

Visual Insight Student Filmmaker Award 2017

To enter the Student Filmmaker Award, based on the Award Theme: ‘A Newer Hope’, submit the online entry form below together with either of the below, i.e. either 1 or 2:

1. A two-page synopsis of a movie you would like to make together with a five-page sample of a script (or script in progress) or storyboard

2. A short film relevant to the Award that is a maximum length of five minutes or 5 minutes of rushes from a film you would like to make

Theme: A Newer Hope

Call for entries: Open

Deadline: 12 midnight on 31 March 2017

**Any questions about entry please contact knowlesmarianne@gmail.com. Instructions are below, but to clarify: If you are entering a script and synopsis/storyboard it must be sent to knowlesmarianne@gmail.com in addition to completing this form. If you are entering a film, there is space within this form to include a link**

**If you are entering a 5 page script and 2 page synopsis, the 5 page script can be either a 5 page piece or a 5 page sample of a longer piece**