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Insight Student Filmmaker Award 2017

Visual Insight Student Filmmaker Award 2017

To enter the Student Filmmaker Award, based on the Award Theme: ‘A Newer Hope’, submit the online entry form below together with either of the below, i.e. either 1 or 2:

1. A two-page synopsis of a movie you would like to make together with a five-page sample of a script (or script in progress) or storyboard

2. A short film relevant to the Award that is a maximum length of five minutes or 5 minutes of rushes from a film you would like to make

Theme: A Newer Hope

Call for entries: Open

Deadline: 12 midnight on 31 March 2017

**Any questions about entry please contact knowlesmarianne@gmail.com. Instructions are below, but to clarify: If you are entering a script and synopsis/storyboard it must be sent to knowlesmarianne@gmail.com in addition to completing this form. If you are entering a film, there is space within this form to include a link**

**If you are entering a 5 page script and 2 page synopsis, the 5 page script can be either a 5 page piece or a 5 page sample of a longer piece**

Student Filmmaker Award 2017: official entry form

Deadline: 31 March 2017
  • Maximum length of film is 5 minutes. Delivery of film for the Student Filmmaker Award 2017: (1) Postal address for DVDs: Insight Film Festival, c/o Dr David Butler, Board Member, Insight Film Festival, Martin Harris Centre for Music and Drama-SL08, School of Arts, Languages and Cultures, The University of Manchester, Manchester M13 9PL, UK; (2) Email address for online file-transfer service: insightfestival@gmail.com; (3) Email address for sending links and logins to online film sites: knowlesmarianne@gmail.com; (4) Email address for sending synopsis, script extracts and storyboards to knowlesmarianne@gmail.com
  • Please use one or two sentences to describe what your film or script/storyboard is about
  • URL to Vimeo, YouTube or other video-sharing site
  • If your film at Vimeo, YouTube, etc. is password-protected, please add your password here
  • Tell us a bit more about your entry in 100 words or less. You should include how your entry is related to the theme of 'A New(er) Hope' and why it should be shortlisted for the Award. You might also want to include why you made it.
  • Please note that you need to be attending a UK higher education institution and be over 18 by end June 2017 to enter.
  • You may enter the SFA 2017 if you are a current student at a UK higher education institution or have graduated from one in the last 12 months. You need to be over 18 by end June 2017
  • Insight is keen to know how you heard about the Student Filmmaker Award 2017 so that we can learn more about how to reach students more effectively for next year's Award
    By ticking this box, you are confirming that you adhere to all published rules and have rights in relation to the work you submit to us: (http://www.insightfestival.co.uk/student-filmmaker-award/sfa-2017/how-to-enter/) and (http://www.insightfestival.co.uk/student-filmmaker-award/sfa-2017/rules/) . It is not possible for us to embed links into this form so you will need to cut and paste the addresses above into your browser or look at the 'How to apply' and 'Rules' sections of the SFA 2017 sections of the Insight website.
    Insight Festival will store the information contained on this form for administration during the 2017 competition. Please tick 'I accept' if you wish to enter the Award. If you are also happy for us to contact you about future Insight events and awards, please tick 'I accept and am happy to be contacted about events and Awards in future'. Insight will not share your data with any other organisation without your permission.