Submission notes

Facebook bannerThese Submission notes are in place for the Student Filmmaker Award 2016.

➤ The deadline for entering the Student Filmmaker Award 2016 is 12 midnight on 8 May 2016.

For more information, please contact Marianne Knowles at

Entry conditions

To enter the Student Filmmaker Award, based on the Award Theme (The Merciful Planet?), you may submit any of (a) below together with (b):

(a) Entry content

➤ A two-page synopsis of a movie you would like to make together with a five-page sample of a script (script in progress) or storyboard (send these to us as attachments to email address:

➤ A short film relevant to the Award that is a maximum length of five minutes (send films in DVD format by post or add URL link and password to online film site on entry form)

➤ A five-minute sample of rushes from a longer film (send films in DVD format by post or add URL link and password to online film site on entry form)

(b) Entry form

Fill in and return an entry form by midnight on the deadline day to be confirmed

(c) The theme of the Student Filmmaker Award is The Merciful Planet? You may interpret this theme in any way you like. Our definition of ‘faith’ includes any belief, disbelief or aspect of spirituality. We want entrants to engage critically with ‘faith’ as a powerful part of the human experience.

The Insight Festival began in 2007 with the aim of encouraging filmmakers to make films addressing the theme of ‘faith’. It actively welcomes people from all faith backgrounds and none. For further information visit our website:

(d) As long as the material relates to the theme of faith – irrespective of whether or not you developed your material for other purposes (e.g. submission of films to other festivals or competitions, even if the film won awards) – we will accept submission of your material for entry to the Student Filmmaker Award, provided you hold full authority to grant the permissions required by the Insight Film Festival as specified in the Rules for the competition.

The prize

(e) One winner of the Student Filmmaker Award will be offered a creative internship of up to six weeks with Loyola Productions in Culver City, California (‘Hollywood’). The prize for the Award includes the basic costs of flights from the UK and local accommodation during the internship period. The internship winner must be available for six weeks between July and September 2016. Incidental expenses, including subsistence and insurance, will be the responsibility of the Award winner.

The judging process

(f) Judges will select a small number of finalists to be interviewed in a process that may also involve a Skype conversation with Loyola Productions. They will be looking for an entrant who is ‘committed to filmmaking and (in their opinion) would make best use out of the awarded internship.’ Please note that we are looking for a winner who wants a career in film and is willing to acknowledge the value of the Insight Student Filmmaker Award. It is a condition of the award that the winner will:

➤ Create a blog diary (either on an existing personal blog or through the Insight blog, as a written account or as a video log) including one entry for each week on the internship

➤ Produce a reflective report on their internship experiences, referencing the blog entries, what they have gained and what would have improved the internship, within four weeks of the end of the Internship

➤ Respond to requests for material for media coverage of the Insight Student Filmmaker Award and agree to feature on the Insight website and other media as the winner of the internship

➤ Support, where possible, promotion of subsequent Insight Student Filmmaker Awards, e.g. attending press conference if available, providing quotes about their experiences.

➤ (Optional) Take part in a creative retreat of up to three days.

Submission details

(g) The deadline date for entries to the Student Filmmaker Award is 12 midnight on 8 May 2016.

(h) An Entry form should be completed as soon as possible and submitted online to

Entry conditions

. Films should be submitted on DVD or by digital delivery, either via a file-sharing service (e.g. or via an online film site (e.g All entries – DVDs, digital film files, links to films and login details, screenplays, storyboards and/or scripts – must have been delivered by 12 midnight on 8 May 2016 at Insight’s address at Manchester University:

Insight Film Festival
c/o Dr David Butler
Board Member: Insight Film Festival
Martin Harris Centre for Music and Drama-SL08
School of Arts, Languages and Cultures
The University of Manchester
Manchester M13 9PL

(i) Please read the Rules carefully: if you submit an entry for the Student Filmmaker Award you will be bound by them. Take special care of those Rules that relate to copyright and to your availability.