SFA 2016

Google bannerThe Call for Entries to the Student Filmmaker Award 2016 is now open.

Closing date for entries: 8 May 2016

Eligibility: You need to be a either a current student at a college, university or film school in the UK or a recent student at one of these educational establishments, aged 18 or over, with an interest in and aptitude for filmmaking.

Theme: ‘The Merciful Planet?‘, which you can interpret in any way you like.


Prize: Six-week internship with a film-production company in Hollywood.

Criteria: Read our Submission notes and Rules for the Student Film Award 2016 and complete and submit an Entry form.

Abdul-Rehman Malik, Insight’s Festival Director, says: ‘With the theme of The Merciful Planet? this year’s Insight Student Filmmaker Award challenges the UK’s best student filmmakers to turn their creativity and their passion to exploring what faith and belief means to us today.’

Here are some links for you to find your way around:

➤ Award
➤ Prize
➤ How to enter
➤➤ Submission notes
➤➤ Rules
➤➤ Entry form
➤ Ask Insight
➤ Winner 2015: Robyn Forsythe
➤ Press kit

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If you have any questions that are not answered by the Ask Insight page about the Student Filmmaker Award 2016, or if you have technical problems with submitting your entry, please contact SFA Project Manager, Marianne Knowles at knowlesmarianne@gmail.com and she will email you answers and relevant attachments so that you can submit your entry before the deadline.