Banner580x180Insight presents Robyn Forsythe, winner of the Student Filmmaker Award 2015 for her treatment of her forthcoming film, NEVER LAND.

In this brief interview we find out about our SFA 2015 winner’s journey so far and her plans for Los Angeles before she jets off for the 6-week Hollywood internship prize.

The Interview: Robyn Forsythe

Insight: How did you find out about the SFA 2015?

Robyn: Just my trusty friend Google! I was searching for opportunities in Manchester, and ended up in LA!

Insight: What made you decide to enter to SFA2015?

Robyn: As a filmmaker, I think we’ve all dreamed of working in Hollywood. It’s got so much history in the film making industry. I knew the opportunity to get out there and experience it myself could be a big step for me.

Insight: What was the entry process and judging process like? What did it involve?

Robyn: The entry process was actually good fun. Writing the treatment made me look at our film in a whole new light. The interview was nerve racking! However, everyone was really friendly, and it was easy to talk about the film, as I know it inside out.

Insight: How did you feel when you found out you had won?

Robyn: I’m really excited I’ll be spending the summer in Los Angeles surrounded by professionals who can help me improve. It’s a big step, but one that I’m sure will pay off!

Insight: What are you looking forward to in LA? Why do you think the internship will suit you?

Robyn: I’m looking forward to working in an American film crew. I’m interested to see what they do differently, what I can bring to them, and what I can learn and bring home.

Insight: Why do you think it’s important to explore faith through film?

Robyn: We all have faith in things, even those who aren’t religious. It’s often thought of as a risky topic to discuss in entertainment, but it’s so central to the human condition that it shouldn’t be avoided.

Insight: We know you have plans to do a vlog when you are on internship- what can we expect?

Robyn: I hope to do a vlog each week that centres around and interview with someone I’ve met in LA. Hopefully it will be entertaining and informative!

More information

You can find our more information about Robyn and her film by reading our full announcement about the winner of SFA 2015.

Insight wishes Robyn all the very best with her internship; we can’t wait to hear more of her news once she starts work with Loyola Productions.