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Banner580x180All your specific questions about the Student Filmmaker Award 2015 are answered here.

Who was eligible to enter the Student Filmmaker Award 2015?

You could have entered for the award if you were 18 or over and you were studying a course at college or university in the UK. Also, students were encouraged to read the submission notes and rules for entry carefully.

What material would I have to have submitted?

First, you would have had to submit your creative work – which could have been be a film (maximum length: five minutes), a two-page synopsis with either a five-page section of a script or a storyboard, or a five-minute sample of rushes from a longer film. Films had to be delivered in DVD format or by digital delivery, either via a file-sharing service (e.g. or via an online film site (e.g As well as this, you needed to complete an entry form, either online or by downloading a PDF version for printing, and send this to Insight.

Where did I need to send my submission?

Entries needed to be sent to the Insight Film Festival at the following address:

Martin Harris Centre for Music and Drama-SL08
School of Arts, Languages and Cultures
The University of Manchester
Manchester M13 9PL

If you filled out an online entry form, you would have submitted this electronically. This form also allowed you to send us links and password login details to online sites like Vimeo.

When was the deadline?

The call for entries closed at 12 midnight on 7 May 2015.

If you have any questions not answered by the Ask Insight page about the Student Filmmaker Award 2015, please contact SFA Project Leader, Marianne Knowles, via email:

What if I couldn’t submit my entry online?

Some browsers are set up with firewalls that block certain websites. You can get around this problem by temporarily suspending the firewall on your computer. You can find the firewall activation panel as follows:

Windows: Follow this route: Start > Control panel > Windows Firewall
Mac OS X: Follow this route: Apple icon > System preferences > Security & Privacy > Firewall – and then click on the padlock icon to make changes.

If you experienced problems, you were encouraged to email SFA Project Leader, Marianne Knowles at and she would have sent you the attachments you needed to enter SFA 2015.