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Thank you for your interest in the Student Filmmakers Award 2015 – and in the Insight Film Festival in general. Here are some resources you might find useful.

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Table of contents: Student Filmmaker Award 2015

➤ Logos
➤ Illustrations (banner and thumbnail)
➤ Flyer
➤ Press releases
➤ Press cuttings
➤ Insight Film Festival review booklet
➤ Social media


Logos for the Student Filmmaker Awards are available in full colour, black and white, and reversed-out (white on grey and white on black):


Full colour


Black on white


White on grey


White on black

The examples above show versions of the logo including the labels: ‘Insight’; ‘Student Filmmaker Award 2015’;  and ‘Faith in film’. There are versions available that omit either ‘Insight’, ‘Faith in film’ or both labels. You can see all the different variations in colour and text by downloading this PDF.

The logos are available in the following formats: EPS, JPEG and PNG.

Once you have chosen the version you want to use and the format you need, please write to to tell us which logos you want and we shall send you the the files to you by return email.


The Insight Film Festival has also commissioned the illustrations below – a banner and a thumbnail image – to help publicise the Student Filmmaker Award 2015:






Please write to if you would like to use these illustrations and we shall send you the the files to you by return email.


You can download Insight’s promotional flyer PDF for the Student Filmmaker Award 2015 here, and print it out for easy reference. Please note that the deadline for entry for the Award was extended to 12 midnight on 7 May 2015 at the request of student filmmakers.

The flyer you download comprises the images you see below:

Flyer; Cross top

Top side

SFA_Flyer-side two low res 250215

Reverse side

Copies of the printed version of the flyer are available from the Insight Film Festival. Please write to if you would like us to order some printed flyers.

Press releases

Please find links to press releases concerning the Student Filmmaker Award (known as the Student Film Award in 2014):

➤ 24.06.2014 – ‘Hollywood beckons for award-winning young Manchester filmmaker’, Insight Film Festival, Manchester, UK (PDF | News)

Press cuttings

Links to press cuttings will appear in this section as soon as articles are written about the Student Filmmaker Award 2015.

➤ 24.06.2015 – Marianne Knowles, ‘Interview: Robyn Forsythe’, winner of the Student Filmmaker Award 2015 on the experience of winning, Insight Film Festival, Manchester, UK (Web page)

➤ 20.03.2015 – MaoHui Deng, ‘Launch of the Student Filmmaker Award 2015: a personal reflection by MaoHui Deng’ Insight Film Festival, Manchester, UK (Blog)

➤ 21.02.2015 – Marianne Knowles, ‘Harriet Edwards, filmmaker, talks to Insight about winning the Student Filmmaker Award 2014’, Insight Film Festival, Manchester, UK (Blog)

Insight Film Festival review booklet

Find out more about the Insight Film Festival’s recent activities by downloading the Review 2014 (PDF) collated by John Forrest, former Insight Director.

The current Festival Director is Abdul-Rehman Malik (PDF).

For more information about the Insight Film Festival team, please visit the People page on our website.

Social media

You can visit the Insight Film Festival’s social media sites for more information and resources:

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