How to enter

Banner580x180Insight is a professional, fair and experienced organisation. We wanted to be very clear about what you needed to submit in order to enter the Student Filmmaker Award 2015, as well as our terms and conditions for entry – so we produced these documents and an online entry form.

The deadline for entry to the Student Filmmaker Award 2015 has passed,
the entry process is closed and the winner has been announced.

SFA_2015_Logo_CMYKPlease read the Submission notes and Rules that were in force for entry to this year’s Award.

Here are two things to give you an flavour of what the Student Filmmaker Award in 2015 was all about:

1. What you needed to submit

To enter the Student Filmmaker Award, based on the award theme (see point 2, below), you may submit any of (a) below together with (b):

(a) Entry content (please choose one of these options)

➤ A two-page synopsis of a movie you would like to make together with a five-page sample of a script (or script in progress) or storyboard (send these to us as attachments to email address:

➤ short film relevant to the Award that is a maximum length of five minutes (send films in DVD format by post or add URL link and password to online film site on entry form)

➤ A five-minute sample of rushes from a longer film (send films in DVD format by post or add URL link and password to online film site on entry form)

(b) Entry form

Filling in and returning an entry form by midnight on 7 May 2015 entitled you to attend one of two free film workshops, to be held in Manchester and London (venues and dates to be confirmed) in which you will be given tips and advice about how to make an award-winning film.

In 2014, the workshop for Student Filmmaker Award entrants was conducted by award-winning British screenwriter Frank Cottrell Boyce.

Faith theme

The theme of the Student Filmmaker Award is The truth is out there. Have faith. You may interpret this theme in any way you like.

Our definition of ‘faith’ includes any belief, disbelief or aspect of spirituality. We want entrants to engage critically with ‘faith’ as a powerful part of the human experience.