Banner225x180Are you a film student in the UK? Or a student on any course at a UK university or college who’s passionate about making films or writing scripts? Maybe you’re a student who just loves film and have something to say about faith?

The Student Filmmaker Award 2015 would have been for you.

Whether or not you believe in God, aliens or angels, we know that faith drives people to beauty and violence, peace and rage. Faith gives understanding as much as it fuels our doubts.

We dared the UK’s best student filmmakers  the nation’s future filmmakers  to turn their creativity and their passion to exploring what faith and belief means to us today.

Faith isn’t a monolith – it means different things to different people, which is what makes the Student Filmmaker Award, and the Insight Film Festivalso special.

From Exodus to Noah, making films about faith is topical and controversial. At Insight, we don’t care what you believe, but we want you to care about belief.

Insight wants to create a network of talented filmmakers who use their craft to explore this important part of the human experience.

We had an amazing prize for the best entry to the 2015 Award. We wanted to provide a career-changing, and perhaps life-changing experience for the winner. We also wanted to bring people at the start of their careers together with those at the top, so that they could learn from each other.

All accepted entrants are invited to two special workshops with leading individuals from the film industry – details will be published soon. Last year Frank Cottrell Boyce delivered a workshop on scriptwriting in Manchester. This year, over two workshops you’ll get to engage with award winning filmmakers, producers and scriptwriters.