Here are the rules of entry that are in force for submitting films to the Student Filmmaker Award competition for 2014.

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Rules and regulations

Please read the rules and regulations carefully.

Please download a PDF copy of the rules and regulations for easy reference.

Submission notes

Take special care to read these notes

a. To enter based on the Award Theme, you may submit either

A synopsis of a movie you would like to make together with a sample screenplay or storyboard’


➤ ‘A short film relevant to the award … (maximum 5 minutes length)’

as well as

➤ An official ENTRY FORM (see below for information, point h. Submission details)

b. Filling in and returning an entry form by 11 April 2014 will entitle you to attend a free film workshop with tips on award-winning filmmaking to be held at Manchester University’s Catholic Chaplaincy.

c. IMPORTANT: The Theme of the Student Award is ‘Portraying Faith in Film’. You may interpret this in any way you like. The Insight Festival began in 2007 with the aim of encouraging filmmakers to make films around the theme of ‘faith’. It actively welcomes people from all faith backgrounds and none. For further information, visit other pages at the Insight website.

d. Films that you have made for other purposes, or submitted to other festivals or competitions (whether they won any awards or not), are acceptable if they are relate to the Theme, provided you hold full authority to grant the permissions to the Insight Film Festival as specified in the Rules (see below).

e. Judges will select a small number of finalists to be interviewed in a process that may also involve a Skype conversation with Loyola Productions, Inc. They will be looking for an entrant who is ‘serious about filmmaking’ and, in their opinion, would make best use out of the awarded internship.

f. One winner will be offered a six-week creative internship with Loyola Productions, Inc., in Culver City, California (‘Hollywood’). The award will include basic flight costs from the UK and basic accommodation costs during the six-week period. The dates and times of the internship period are to be agreed between Loyola Productions and the Award winner. Incidental expenses, including subsistence and insurance, will be the responsibility of the award winner.

g. SUBMISSION DEADLINE DATE: The Call for Entries is now open. Entries must be received by 16 May 2014.

h. SUBMISSION DETAILS: An entry form (online versionPDF copy) should be completed as soon as possible and submitted online to Films should be delivered on DVD. All DVDs, screenplays, storyboards and scripts (which collectively constitute the ‘material’) must be delivered by 12 noon on16 May 2014 to:

 Insight Festival Office: Z-Arts, Hulme, Manchester 335 Stretford Road, Manchester M15 5ZA

j. Please read the following RULES carefully, as you will be bound by them if you enter the competition. Take special care of the rules relating to copyright.

Rules for entering the Student Film Award competition

Please read these rule carefully

1. Entrants must possess identification signifying their involvement in current undergraduate or postgraduate education in Manchester, England or elsewhere in North-West England at May 2014.

2. TO ENTER, you must submit either: ‘a synopsis of a movie you would like to make’, together with a sample screenplay or storyboard or script; or a short film relevant to the award; or an edited extract/sample of a longer film you have made/would like to make that is relevant to the award. Any video submission you make should be no longer than a total of 5 minutes.

3. Entrants grant the INSIGHT FILM FESTIVAL and its partners the right to use submitted films, stills and/or portions of such films for educational and promotional purposes in relation to Insight Festival events, activities, associated events and media, including web distribution, newsletters, conferences and broadcasts. The Insight Film Festival partners globally with a number of film festivals and similar events by sharing submissions and thereby gaining further exposure for submitted work. The entrant gives permission for films submitted or made in relation to this competition to be shared in this way.

4. COPYRIGHT: Entrants must submit only their own original work and warrant that the grant of this licence to the INSIGHT FILM FESTIVAL will not infringe the copyright or any other rights whatsoever of any third party. Failure to disclose may result in criminal prosecution.

5. The entry form must signify that full clearance has been obtained from all contributors, actors in the Production and other elements, as well for any music or other copyrighted material used. This must be assignable to the INSIGHT FILM FESTIVAL for the purposes outlined in Rule 2, above.

6. The entrant(s) will indemnify and keep the INSIGHT FILM FESTIVAL indemnified from and against all and any claims, costs, damages, expenses, actions suffered or incurred by the INSIGHT FILM FESTIVAL arising out of any breach of the warranties hereby given.

7. An entry including content that violates rights of third parties (including, but not limited to, rights of copyright), or that is deemed to be offensive, inappropriate, obscene, unlawful or otherwise objectionable will be disqualified.

8. THE AWARD: As the organisation of the Student Film Award competition continues to develop, organisers reserve to make and develop changes to all aspects without recourse. Any significant changes relating to the competition format and rules will be communicated in writing to all bona fide entrants, not later than fourteen days before the awards presentations.

9. Take up of the award will be the responsibility of the winner. No alternative prize will be offered.

10. The decision of the INSIGHT FILM FESTIVAL judges shall be final and without right of recourse. In the event of any dispute, the competition organisers’ opinion shall be without right of recourse. Acceptance of these rules is a condition of entry of the ‘material’, and receipt of ‘material’ amounts to acceptance of the rules.