SFA 2014

The Student Filmmaker Award ran for the first time in 2014.

The 2014 Student Filmmaker Award was a ‘pilot’ competition – so that the Insight Film Festival could test out interest in the competition and how we could best deliver it to everyone’s satisfaction.

Last year entry was only open to student filmmakers in Manchester and the North of England, which is where the Insight Film Festival is based. In 2015 we rolled the competition out to students based in the UK, whatever their course discipline, who make films

The competition details and rules in force in 2014 can be found at the following pages:


You can read about the origin of the Award in the news item published on 4 August 2013.  There you will find a video interview filmed in Los Angeles between former Insight Festival Director, John Forrest, and Eddie Siebert, President, Loyola Productions. The interview took place at the film production company’s office.

Eddie Siebert spoke about the idea to host an internship with his company for the winner of a Student Filmmaker Award. He said:

I think it’s a terrific idea to bring a filmmaker who is committed to his or her craft and has a certain mission, an ideology they want to share and then come to work with us. I think it’s brilliant. We’re a mission-driven production company: mission meaning we have a focus and are very interested in human-value storytelling. We are based in a 450-year Jesuit tradition of involvement in the communication arts. We think we can really leverage the idea of storytelling to make a difference in the world.

Fr Tim Byron SJ, Chaplain at the University of Manchester, is part of the team that has brought in support of Jesuits in Britain for the Awards. Here is what Fr Tim says about the Student Filmmaker Award:

Filmmaking is a powerful way of telling stories that inspire and change hearts and minds. The hope is to identify students who can ‘portray faith in film’ through the Student Filmmaker Award, and to give them confidence to act on their creativity with support and training. The Award is open to students of all faiths and none, as long as the theme of ‘portraying faith in film’ is addressed: the theme is deliberately vague, to give students a fairly blank canvas.  The Student Filmmaker Award will enable us to identify a winner with talent who is serious about making films: this person will then be given the chance to experience a six-week internship at Loyola Productions, Inc. in Hollywood.