Here are the rules and responsibilities by which films submitted to the Festival Curation Scheme will be considered.

A copy of the rules for the Curation Scheme is available for download as a PDF: click here, Insight Curation Rules (1 page, A4 size)

➤ PLEASE NOTE: The current round of openings for the Insight Curation Scheme will close at midnight on 1 June 2015. This will give us time to feedback on submissions and begin to programme upcoming screenings. Further conversations will also be held with entries that have particularly high production and/or artistic quality.

The next round of the Curation Scheme will open in Autumn 2015. Check back here for exact dates and entry guidelines!

For more information contact our Curation Coordinator, MaoHui Deng, at:

The Insight Film Festival will

➤ View your film and assess its suitability for the Festival Curation Scheme. Films may be of any genre (documentary, feature, animation etc.), but must be about, feature or explore the theme of ‘faith’.

➤ Promote your film in the administrational arena with its global contacts, including film festivals and other organisations interested in our remit. This may include using brief extras or stills in promotional material.

➤ Confirm with you when your film has been accepted for the Curation Scheme and issue you a signed certificate (delivered online).

➤ Take all reasonable effort to inform you when there an opportunity arises to screen your film in conjunction with one of our partner collaborators and when your film is accepted for screening at an event.

The Insight Film Festival will not

➤ Sell or make profit from the screening of films accepted in the Festival Curation Scheme. Note that this does not preclude the recoupment of reasonable expense connected with marketing and promotion of screenings associated with the Curation Scheme.

➤ Assent, or give any implied consent, to the copying or distribution of films accepted in the Curation Scheme.

➤ Make a charge to the filmmaker for inclusion in the Curation Scheme.

The filmmaker will

➤ Supply a copy of the film or URL with password where relevant to the Insight Festival organisation. Please note: if a film is selected for the Festival Curation Scheme it will be necessary for the filmmaker to supply a copy on DVD.

➤ Complete and return a Festival Curation Scheme Application Form (either online or via downloading a PDF of the Form).

➤ Grant permission for their films to be screened via the Insight Festival Curation Scheme at no charge, and as agreed in these terms and conditions on this page for the Curation Scheme.


➤ The filmmaker retains all rights of ownership and copyright of their work. However it agrees to allow the Insight Festival use of extracts of the work, as appropriate, to promote the Insight Curation Scheme.

➤ The Insight Festival makes no charge for this service. The filmmaker will receive no financial return from Insight for exhibition of the film in activities or promotional material associated with the Insight Curation Scheme.

➤ Films accepted by the Insight Curation Scheme will be entitled to state ‘commended by the Insight Film Festival’ as part of their publicity or promotion and will receive an acknowledging certificate.

➤ Films must be in the English language, or be accompanied by English language subtitles.

➤ Filmmakers must signify that they possess all appropriate permissions and clearances for use of the material contained in their productions. This includes use of performances, music, scripts, photography, third-party rights and all elements of the film. Insight will not accept liability for any dispute in relation to these matters and will refer any third-party enquiries to the filmmaker.

➤ The Insight Film Festival reserves the right to terminate its Curation Scheme or its relationship with any individual without notice and without right or recourse. In the event of such termination, the filmmaker will continue to hold all rights to their original work.