Submission notes

Please read these Submission notes CAREFULLY.

➤ PLEASE NOTE: The current round of openings for the Insight Curation Scheme will close at midnight on 1 June 2015. This will give us time to feedback on submissions and begin to programme upcoming screenings. Further conversations will also be held with entries that have particularly high production and/or artistic quality.

The next round of the Curation Scheme will open in Autumn 2015. Check back with our website for exact dates and entry guidelines!

For more information contact our Curation Coordinator, MaoHui Deng, at

Entry conditions

To enter for consideration to the Curation Scheme, you must submit any of (a) below together with (b):

(a) Delivery of your film

➤ Film of DVD

➤ Film via online transfer service

➤ Film via online film site (e.g. Vimeo)

(b) Filling in and returning an entry form, for which there is no deadline.

The theme

(c)  Your film must touch on the theme of ‘faith’, which you may interpret in any way you like. Our definition of ‘faith’ includes any belief, disbelief or aspect of spirituality. We want entrants to engage critically with ‘faith’ as a powerful part of the human experience.

The Insight Festival began in 2007 with the aim of encouraging filmmakers to make films addressing the theme of ‘faith’. It actively welcomes people from all faith backgrounds and none. For further information visit our website:

(d) As long as the material relates to the theme of faith – irrespective of whether or not you developed your material for other purposes (e.g. submission of films to other festivals or competitions, even if the film won awards) – we will accept submission of your material for entry to the Curation Scheme, provided you hold full authority to grant the permissions required by the Insight Film Festival as specified in the Rules for the Scheme.

The prize

(e) Our expert judges will watch every film that is entered. Every film will receive feedback and guidance. The judges will bestow commendations on the best of the films that are submitted. These commended films have the chance to be screened at film festivals and other events around the world within the Insight Film Festival’s extensive network.

As long as film entered for the Curation Scheme fulfils the submission criteria for the next edition of the Insight Film Festival, the film will automatically be entered for consideration for awards in place for the next festival.

The judging process

(f) Judges will review every film and award commendations, as described above.

Submission details

(g) There is no deadline date for entries to the Curation Scheme.

(h) A online entry form should be completed and submitted as soon as possible. The online entry form allows for films to be delivered electronically, as long as full details are included (e.g. location of film, login details for viewing the film). Send films via online transfer service to: Any films on DVD must be delivered to our Manchester University address:

Insight Film Festival
Dr David Butler
Board Member
Insight Film Festival
Martin Harris Centre for Music and Drama-SL08,
School of Arts, Languages and Cultures,
The University of Manchester
Manchester M13 9PL

(i). Please read the Rules carefully: if you submit an entry for the Curation Scheme you will be bound by them. Take special care of those Rules that relate to copyright and to your availability.