How to enter

The Insight Film Festival is a professional, fair and experienced organisation. We want to give every opportunity we can for filmmakers to enter their films on the theme of faith and to get these films screened, either at Insight events and festivals or as part of Insight packages at third-party events and film festivals around the world.

Our Curation Scheme is open to every filmmaker in the world, irrespective of age, experience or nationality, as long as the criteria of the Scheme are met.

Please read our Submission notes and Rules carefully and fill out and send Insight our easy-to-complete online entry form.

➤ PLEASE NOTE: The current round of openings for the Insight Curation Scheme will close at midnight on 1 June 2015. This will give us time to feedback on submissions and begin to programme upcoming screenings. Further conversations will also be held with entries that have particularly high production and/or artistic quality.

The next round of the Curation Scheme will open in Autumn 2015. Check back with our website for exact dates and entry guidelines!

For more information contact our Curation Coordinator, MaoHui Deng, at