Curation scheme

Our scheme provides new opportunities for filmmakers’ work to be screened

➤ Read the Submission notes and the Rules for the Curation Scheme carefully
➤ Fill out and submit your online entry form

This will give us time to feedback on submissions and begin to programme upcoming screenings. Further conversations will also be held with entries that have particularly high production and/or artistic quality.

For more information contact our Curation Coordinator, MaoHui Deng via email:


We are continually receiving films from filmmakers who relate to our theme of faith. Filmmakers are understandably keen for their films to be seen – and we share their enthusiasm.

The intention of the Insight Festival is to encourage filmmakers to consider faith as an important topic in filmmaking. We encourage those from all faith backgrounds and none to explore this key area of life.

Over the years since we began, we have become connected with a large number of interested parties around the world, such as film production companies, film festivals, conferences and academic institutions. These organisations are increasingly asking to recommend or ‘pass on’ films for their screenings.

MocafestFor example, Insight-commended films have been shown at these events: MOCAfest, the arts festival at the 9th World Islamic Economic Forum held in London; the ‘Eyes fell on the sacred‘ International Movies and Religion Festival, held in São Paolo, Brazil; and the Ginsburg Film Festival in South Africa.

So we have begun our Curation Scheme. We want this to enhance our own screenings whilst helping filmmakers to receive screenings on a wider, global basis.

Please read and follow the Submission notes and the Rules of the Curation Scheme to find out how to get involved and learn the practicalities involved.