The 4th Insight Film Festival was held at Z-arts, Manchester, UK on 15–17 March 2013. Here is an overview of the event

Insight is an global film festival with a focus on films depicting ‘faith’. Insight encourages filmmakers of all backgrounds, cultures and nationalities to make films that challenge, explore, critique, reflect, celebrate or question faith.

Festival 4 comprised three days of screenings, workshops and discussions, including presentations of short films from all over the world. The programme schedule for the event and promotional resources are available for download.

On Friday 15 March we held our first ‘Education Day’, an exclusive daytime event for local schools.

At a special awards ceremony on Sunday 17 March, winning films were announced in a range of categories, including the prestigious Coexist Award that bestows a cash prize of £1000 to the film that best depicts the ‘uniting of faith’ across the world’s religions.

Visit our Awards Winners 2013 page for a full list of the winning film entries at the 4th Insight Festival.