Festival rules

Here are the Rules of Entry that were in force for submitting films to the 4th Insight Film Festival.

Rules and regulations

In these rules and regulations ‘entries’ are hereinafter referred to as ‘Productions’ or ‘material’ and the Insight Film Festival is referred to as ‘the Festival’

Acceptance of these rules is a condition of entry of the Production.

Receipt of the Production will be taken as acceptance of the rules.

Submitting an entry

1. Productions must be submitted on DVD in PAL Format only. Two labelled DVD copies must be mailed to the Festival.

2. DVDs must be received in the Festival office not later than Midday (GMT) MONDAY 10 SEPTEMBER 2012, except for films submitted to the GREENBELT AWARD which must reach the festival office no later than MONDAY 5 NOVEMBER 2012.

3. DVDs submitted will not be returned and shall become the property of the Festival.

4. The Festival cannot accept responsibility for any damage or loss incurred to the submitted material either in its care or during transit. You are advised not to send any original film footage.

5. There is no limit on the number of Productions you may submit, but be sure to complete one form per production.

6. A ‘Principal Contact’ must be named on the entry form. This may be a director, producer, agent, distributor, teacher etc. The Principal Contact will be the sole recipient of any prize or award, and distribution of any prize or award is at their discretion.

7. The Principal Contact must have authority to grant permission to the Festival to display and/or manipulate the production in all aspects relevant to the Festival and its promotion. Such permission must be granted to the Festival.

8. Productions may be up to a maximum of 30 minutes in length, including titles and credits, except for the GREENBELT AWARD where films may be up to a maximum of 5 minutes in length. Pre-edited extracts of longer films are accepted, but will be viewed as complete productions. There is no minimum length requirement.

9. All films submitted must be in English or be accompanied by English subtitles where necessary.


10. Entrants must submit only their own original work and warrant that the grant of this licence will not infringe the copyright or any other rights whatsoever of any third party. Failure to disclose could result in criminal prosecution.

11. The submission of a Production is taken to signify that full clearance has been obtained from all contributors/actors in the Production and all other elements, including music, stock images and any other copyrighted material used in the Production.

12. The Principal Contact will indemnify and keep the Festival indemnified from and against all and any claims, costs, damages, expenses, actions suffered or incurred by the Festival arising out of any breach of the warranties hereby given.

The Festival

13. Films to be shown during the Festival and related Festival events will be selected by the Festival organisers. The organisers do not guarantee that every film will be shown during the Festival. The organisers shall not be obliged to make use of any Material and shall not be liable for any loss of publicity or enhancement of reputation or otherwise.

14. Awards will be announced and distributed during the Festival. Unless specified, entrants shall be responsible for their own arrangements to attend such award ceremonies.

15. Where an award is made, it will be to the Principal Contact as specified on the Entry Form.


16. If an award involves attendance at a third-party event, the Principal Contact shall be liable to adhere to all rules and conditions applicable to and stipulated by such third party. In the event that the Principal Contact cannot meet such rules or conditions the award in kind may not be granted. No substitute award will be made and the Festival shall not be liable to any compensation.

17. The decision of the authorised Festival judging panel shall be final and without right of recourse. In the event of any dispute, the competition organisers’ opinion shall be final and without right of recourse.