Festival 4 bestowed some spectacular awards and prizes for filmmakers who explored the theme of ‘faith’. The awards were presented at Z-Arts in a unique Awards Ceremony.





The Judging Panel selected one film at Festival 4 to receive this prestigious award.

This is our Best in Festival Award. It may be granted to any film in any category. Films must explore the subject of faith, and may be up to 30 minutes in length.



The winner was offered a place on the Summer Workshop at the EICAR Film & Television School in Paris in 2013.

This award is granted to a young filmmaker aged between 18 and 25, and the prize is designed to contribute to the development of their film career. The winner of this award spent three weeks in Paris taking part in a summer filmmaking workshop. Learn more about EICAR at their website. Insight covered the award winner’s basic accommodation and travelling expenses.

To be eligible for this award the filmmaker had to be aged beween 18 and 25 on 15 March 2013. Films must explore faith and be no more than 30 minutes in length. Filmmakers aged over 25 may nominate an individual member of their production team who are within the age boundary, provided they have played a significant role in the production.




In keeping with its work and philosophy, the Coexist Foundation offered an award to a film which ‘unites belief’.The winning filmmaker received a £1000 cash prize.

The Coexist Foundation, principal associate with the Insight Festival, is an interfaith organisation working to promote, encourage and support engagement between Muslims, Jews and Christians. The organisation embraces the shared history and common ground of the three faith groups and works to educate the wider world about the faiths and their commonalities.

To be eligible for this award filmmakers had to be aged 18 or over on 15 March 2013 and must have created a film that the Insight Festival jury felt explores the theme of ‘uniting belief’. Maximum length for films is 30 minutes.



SIGNIS offered a money-can’t-buy prize for a film-maker who met their brief of ‘exploring human values’.

It is hoped that the award winner will be able to be part of a SIGNIS jury at the Religion Today Festival in Trento, Italy.

This was a once in a lifetime opportunity for those looking to expand their horizons, develop their career and network within the filmmaking community.

SIGNIS is the World Catholic Association for Communication and works to bring together professionals from the world of creative media across 100 countries. SIGNIS’ mission is to ‘engage with media professionals and support Catholic Communicators to help transform our cultures by promoting human dignity, justice and reconciliation.’

Maximum length for films is 30 minutes.




Greenbelt is an annual music and arts festival which explores faith and culture. In its 39th year, Greenbelt offeredan award for a 5-minute film that explored the themes of ‘faith’ and ‘festival’.

The winner of the Greenbelt Award had their film screened at the Wild Goose Festival in North Carolina, USA, Solas Festival in Scotland, and at Greenbelt. The winner also received tickets to attend Greenbelt.

To be eligible for this award, filmmakers must have created a film that the jury felt explored the themes of ‘faith’ and ‘festival’. Films must be no more than 5 minutes in length.



The Radical Middle Way

The Radical Middle Way was proud to present the Convivencia Award to the film that best explored the theme of encounter and engagement – between faiths, peoples or radically different points-of-view.

The judges for this award were not necessarily looking for films that resolve conflict, but for films that are not afraid to go to the places where conflict happens and explore how some kind of understanding and common humanity are found.



The Radical Middle Way

The Radical Middle Way was proud to present the Contemporary Islam Award to the film that best explored the Islamic faith or the Muslim experience, with a particular focus on contemporary or modern experience of living with or dealing with faith. Whether it is spirituality, faith or identity, contemporary Muslim experience is diverse, rich and at times controversial.

This award celebrates the film that best captures, explores and delves into that experience. The winning entry will be sensitive, challenging and ask difficult questions.



The Rationalist Association

The Rationalist Association presented the Rationalist Award at the 4th Insight Festival, for a film that showed an outstanding contribution to reason and free thought.

The Rationalist Association is a charity registered in the UK which promotes reason and evidence in the understanding of life, and a humanist outlook. The Rationalist Association was formed as a charity in 2002 to continue the work of the Rationalist Press Association (RPA), a free thinking secular publisher for over 100 years.



These prizes are occasionally bestowed during Insight Festival events in Manchester. One award in 2013 was selected by students attending our inaugural Education Day.

Further Screenings

Many of our shortlisted films are requested by a growing number of film festivals across the world. Insight also arranges screenings and seminars throughout the year. For example, following the 3rd Insight Festival, some shortlisted films were screened in New York and London.