Award winners

We congratulate our winning entries and extend our admiration to every film screened at the 4th Insight Festival in Manchester, UK. We were honoured to share these films with the world.

Festival 4 celebrity judging panel

➤ TINA GHARAVI: filmmaker (Iran; USA; UK; New Zealand)
Selected film trailers: Closer (2001, 02.40), The King of South Shields (2008, 02.01), I Am Nasrine (2012, 02.18)
Links: Tina Gharavi: webIMDb

➤ GARY KURTZ: film producer (USA)
Selected film trailers: American Graffiti (1973, 02.48), Star Wars IV: A New Hope (1977, 01.51), Star Wars V: The Empire Strikes Back (1979, 02.02), Dark Crystal (1982, 02.15), Return to Oz (1985, 01.37)
Link: Gary Kurtz: IMDb

PETER MALONE: SIGNIS film reviewer (Australia)
: Fr Peter Malone: SIGNIS film reviews; Faith and Film seminar; IMDb

➤ HENRY R SWINDELL: BBC New Writing Manager, Salford (UK)
Oversees writer development, talent partnerships and development projects in the North of England
Links: BBC Writers’ Room; Henry R Swindell: workshop clip (01.10); IMDb

➤ NEV PIERCE: Editor-at-Large, Empire Magazine (UK)
Empire; Nev Pierce: webIMDb

➤ DAVID N WEISS: screenwriter (USA)
Selected film trailers: All Dogs go to Heaven (1989, 01.29), The Rugrats Movie (1998, 02.34), Rugrats in Paris (2000, 02.08), Jimmy Neutron: Boy Genius (2001, 02.21), Clockstoppers (2002, 02.22), Shrek 2 (2004, 02.31)
Link: David N Weiss: IMDb

Festival 4 award winners

Best in Festival

A film in BBC Two’s Seeking Refuge series, also known as Rachel’s Story
Director: Andy Glynne (UK)

Links: From A to B and Back Again (Seeking Refuge: Rachel’s Story): BBC Two film (05.01); Insight preview: blog; Mosaic Films: web; Andy Glynne: IMDb

Selected awards at other festivalsBAFTA Children’s Award, Primary Learning 2012 (UK); Best television series animation: Savannah International Animation Festival 2013 (USA)

Insight / Coexist Award

Producer: Gavin J Behrman (USA)

LinksAdmissionstrailer (01.13); web; Insight interview: blog; Gavin J Behrmann: IMDb

Selected awards at other festivals: Best film: International Festival for Peace, Inspiration and Equality 2012 (IDN); Best short film: Artivist Film Festival 2012, Artivist Spirit Award (USA), Carmel Art and Film Festival 2012 (USA), Spirit Quest Film Festival 2012 (USA), Other Venice Film Festival 2011, Abbot Award: ‘Most Excellent Short’ (USA), New York International Film Festival – LA Edition 2012 (USA), Hoboken International Film Festival 2012 (USA), International Movie Awards 2012 (IDN); Best children’s film: Uppsala International Short Film Festival 2012 (SWE); Best short narrative: Garden State Film Festival 2012 (USA); Woods Hole Film Festival 2012 (USA), Awareness Festival 2012 (USA), Peace on Earth Film Festival 2012 (USA), BolderLife Festival 2012 (USA); Winner, Lifetree Film Award: Lifetree Film Fest 2012 (USA); Winner, Making a Difference Award, Short Film: Commffest Global Community Film Festival 2012 (CAN)

Insight Young Filmmakers Award

DAD (2011)
Producer/Director/Screenwriter: Michelle Bailey (UK)

Links: Dad: film (11.26); Insight interview: blog; Baileyface Productions: web; Michelle Bailey: IMDb

Selected awards at other festivalsBest film: One Voice Film Festival 2012 (UK); Best international film: SoCal Independent Film Festival 2012 (USA); Best factual film: Stratford-upon-Avon Fringe Film Festival 2012 (UK); Best director: One Voice Film Festival 2012 (UK)

Insight / SIGNIS Award

HOME (2012)
Russian title: Dom Tsah
Producer/Director/Screenwriter: Ruslan Magomadov (Russia, Chechyen Republic)

Links: Home: Tbilisi International Film Festival: photo, synopsis, biography: ; Insight interview: blog; Ruslan Magomadov: IMDb

Selected awards at other festivalsBest short film: Kinofest NYC 2012 (USA), Kazan Muslim Film Festival 2012 (RUS); Film Festival Cottbus 2012 (DEU)

Insight / Radical Middle Way: The Contemporary Islam Award

Persian title: Dast E Khali Del E Por
Producer/Director/Screenwriter: Babak Nabizadeh (Iran)

Links: Insight preview: blog; Babak Nabizadeh: IMDb

➤ Special Commendation

Producer/Director/Screenwriter: Aneel Ahmad (UK; Pakistan)

Links:  Boy in the Tree: trailer (01.24); video diary (01.33); Aneel Ahmad: web; Aneel Ahmad Films: web; Aneel Ahmad: IMDb

Selected awards at other festivals: Best Humanitarian Short Film: Accolade 2012 (USA); RNC Special Jury Prix Award 2012 (FRA)

Insight / Radical Middle Way: The Convivencia Award

Bengali title: Pahela Baishakh
Director: Ahmed Muztaba Zamal (Bangladesh)

Links: New Age (Bangladesh): article: Rainbow Film Society: web; Dhaka International Film Festival: web (currently suspended); Facebook; Celluloid, quarterly magazine: web; International Federation of Film Critics (FIPRESCI): web

➤ Special Commendation

Producer/Director: Mustafa Boga (Turkey, UK)

Links: Hidden Thoughts: film (12.14); Mustafa Boga: showreel (01.03); IMDb

Insight / Rationalist Association Award

TO BE BORN (2012)
Tetum title (indigenous language of Timor-Leste): Moris Mai
Director: Loh Jing Ting [Tina] (Singapore); Producer: Cai Yun [Iris] (Singapore)

Links: To Be Born (Moris Mai): Facebook; Filament 2012; Loh Jing Ting [Tina]:; Follow My Wanders blog; Nantang Technological University: prize-winning essay, ‘Contemporary Southeast Asian Films‘ (2012); Cai Yun [Iris]: Fullhouse Café Travel Photo Exhibition;  Facebook;

➤ Special Commendation

Czech title: Nesejdeš z cesty!
Director: Veronika Szemlova (Czech Republic)

Links: You Shall Not Leave the Way! film (07.16); Veronika Szemkova: IMDb

Selected awards at other festivalsBest animated film: MFSF Písek 2011 (CZE), Ostrava Picture 2011 (CZE), ZOOM Zblizenia 2012 (POL), Overlook 2012 (ITA); Best student film: HOPE Faludi International Film Festival 2011 (HUN); New talent prize: Freshly Squeezed 2012 (IRL)

Insight / Greenbelt Award

Director: Tom Price (UK)

Links:  Welcome to Greenbelt: film (04.50); tomalprice: web, films; Tom Price: blogVizifyLinkedIn

Welcome to Greenbelt was screened at the following festivals:  Solas Festival 2013 (UK); Wild Goose Festival 2013 (USA); Greenbelt 2013 (UK)


You can also download the Insight Award Winners list for Festival 4 in PDF format.