PLURAL+ Insight Award

The PLURAL+ Insight Award is one competition that is part of a larger, international event.

Here are answers to some of the questions you may have about the wider PLURAL+ festival.

What is PLURAL+ ?

PLURAL + is a video festival for young filmmakers globally that encourages people aged 9–25 to produce films that explore the themes of ‘migration’, ‘diversity’ and ‘social inclusion’. The PLURAL+ festival creates a platform for these creative visions to be shared with the world.

How does the video competition element to PLURAL+ work?

The rules and regulations for submitting work to the competition are published on the PLURAL+ website. Here are some edited highlights:

➤  Call for Entries: The submissions process for PLURAL+ opens early in the year
➤  Eligibility: Entrants to PLURAL+ must be young people aged between 9–25.
➤  Format: Videos should be submitted on DVDs or through a file-hosting website of choice.
➤  Language: Videos that are not in English must have English subtitles.
➤ Length: All videos must have a 5 minutes maximum running time, including title and end credits.
➤ Consent: Entrants must send a signed entry form and obtain consent from people appearing in the videos and anyone holding copyright in music or material that appears in the video.
➤ Provenance: Videos must have been completed after January 2012.
➤ Subject: Videos must keep to the topics of migration, diversity and social inclusion. The PLURAL+ Insight Award adds the overarching subject of ‘faith’ to this list.
➤ Viewpoint: Videos must show the young person’s thoughts, experiences, opinions, questions and suggestions.
➤ Genre: Videos can be submitted in any genre: e,g, animation, documentary, drama, music video, comedy.
➤ Tone: Videos may not contain vulgarity, violence, or defamatory language that is inappropriate for the tone of the PLURAL+ competition.
➤ Use: Although entrants retain all rights in their videos, when they submit a video to PLURAL+ they grant PLURAL+ unlimited use of the video for any purpose: e.g. education, advertising and promotion, broadcast, satellite, internet, film festivals and DVD.
➤ Deadline: Videos must be submitted by midnight (New York City Time GMC -5 hours) on Friday, 27 June 2014.
➤ Award categories: Prizes for the PLURAL+ Jury Award are given to one entrant in each of three age-based categories: 9–12 years; 13–17 years; and 18–25 years.
➤ Prize money: The three winners of the PLURAL+ Jury Award each receive USD $1000.
➤ Awards Ceremony: One representative of each PLURAL+ Jury Award winning video will be invited to New York, all travel expenses paid, to present their work at the PLURAL+ 2014 Awards Ceremony in December 2014.
➤ Partner Awards: Additional awards are given by collaborating partner agencies and may include equipment or professional opportunities: see PLURAL+ website to see all partner awards.
➤ Distribution: Winning videos will receive broad recognition and exposure through wide multi-platform distribution of their work.
➤ Results: Winning entrants will be notified no later than 18 October 2014.
➤ Announcement of winners: A prestigious international jury will announce the winners in New York during an event to be held early in December 2014.

Why is PLURAL+ so important?

PLURAL+ provides a platform for young people to share their stories and for their voices to be heard.

Video technology and creative digital media is now cheap and available around the world: film and online tool empower disadvantaged youth to overcome hurdles of poverty, illiteracy, and geographical isolation to become agents of positive social change within their communities.

In tangible ways, young people can change the world.

Who runs PLURAL+ ?

PLURAL + is a joint initiative between the United Nations Alliance of Civilizations [UNAOC] and the International Organization for Migration [IOM] that recognises young people as powerful agents of social change.

By running the festival to enable the voices of young filmmakers to be heard, PLURAL+ supports cooperative efforts to reduce tensions in a world often characterised by conflict and division.

PLURAL+ engages with a network of over 50 partner organisations, who each support the creative efforts of young people and help to distribute their videos worldwide.

How large has PLURAL+ become?

Since 2009 over 700 entries from 90 countries have participated. Winning videos have been screened in dozens of festivals, cinemas and broadcast on television networks throughout the world.

Who are the partner organisations who work with PLURAL+ ?

PLURAL+ works closely with community organisations and schools in some of the world’s most disadvantaged regions to engage with young people to bring the power of multimedia into their creative hands.

PLURAL+ provides greater opportunity for young people to participate in the festival by working in partnership with organisations such as UNESCO Associated Schools Network, CHINH India, TAL, SIGNIS, RED UNIAL and others. PLURAL+ builds the capacity of organisations to deliver multimedia training for the present and the future.

PLURAL+ award winners are invited to New York in December each year to present their work at the annual Awards Ceremony.

The Insight Film Festival is a partner of PLURAL+

Why does PLURAL+ host an Awards Ceremony in New York?

The gathering of young filmmakers, policy makers, partner organisations and   and media experts at the annual Awards Ceremony provides an opportunity for the best PLURAL+ films of the year to the celebrated in front of an audience of highly connected people

The PLURAL+ event encourages networking and creative engagement. The ceremony allows professional development, co-production discussions and international exposure to flourish. All of these aspects evolve and take place through the PLURAL+ distribution network.

New York is the natural home of the PLURAL+ Awards Ceremony because the city also hosts the United Nations itself. The Big Apple is a world city and invites the world’s young people to participate in the event.

What is the PLURAL+ strategy for optimising the impact of the festival?

Working with key partners and the United Nations Media and Information Literacy initiative, PLURAL+ plans to develop media literacy resources that can be delivered in multiple languages on various platforms around the world, including interactive web-based courses and traditional classroom content. In addition, by creating stronger partnerships with broadcasters, PLURAL+ aims to strengthen the presence of youth voices in the media.

PLURAL+ is seeking support from governments, foundations and the business community to expand opportunities for young people everywhere to be heard on important issues and to participate in creating a more harmonious world.

Supporting PLURAL+ is a great opportunity for organisations to reach the next generation of creative professionals, and support development of media services in schools around the world.

PLURAL+ hopes to widen and deepen its impact globally.

Examples of winning PLURAL+ films

The PLURAL+ website hosts a winning videos landing page from where all the past award-winning films can be accessed by year of entry, watched and enjoyed.

PLURAL+ winning videos are distributed, screened and broadcast through the world. A list of where past winning videos have been screened can be read on the PLURAL+ website.