Ophelia joins the Insight team

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When I was a little kid, more than anything else in the world I wanted to be a mortician. It sounds pretty grim, I know, but when I was young I had a love affair with all the goriest horror films my parents would let me watch.

As I grew up, I realised it wasn’t so much a career in medicine I wanted as a career in film. It was horror films that drew me in, but over the years I started to love all kinds of genres of cinema.

After first hearing about Insight, I wasn’t sure what to make about the idea of faith as a film genre. But I wanted to keep an open mind: being a film student my tastes have shifted to more conceptual, enigmatic cinema (although John Carpenter’s The Thing is still one of my all time favourite movies), so I requested to have my work placement with Insight, and now here I am assisting on the Student Filmmaker Award.

After watching a couple of past winners’ submissions, I’ve found the concept of exploring faith – and non-faith – intriguing and original, as it tends to be overlooked in so many films today. As for the placement itself, we’ve so far only just started and I’m excited to be joining the team.

Our first target is social media outreach, which is fitting for me as I’ve been forging my own publicity campaign on social media recently. Lefty Caligari was a close family friend of mine, he was an artist and a filmmaker, and very sadly he died last year. In remembrance of him, myself and a few other people have set up an Arts Foundation in his name, the Lefty Caligari Arts Foundation. We’re preparing to screen a few of his short films this coming March at the Huddersfield Lit. Festival.

With my placement at Insight following a similar role I’m reassured I can manage this by myself, or at least try my very best! It helps when you’re publicising a project you’re passionate about, and that counts for the Foundation’s event as well as the Insight Student Filmmaker Award, as there’s so much on both to say. But to take Twitter as an example, how do you boil that passion down to 140 characters? It’s a steep learning curve I’m at the outset of, but I hope in the coming weeks of the placement I’ll be more confident and ready to tweet and post with ease!