Introducing Nicola to the Insight team!

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Hi everyone! I’m Nicola, one of the interns working with Insight on the Student Filmmaker Award this year. I’m currently working towards my MA in Film Studies, after completing my undergraduate degree in Geography at the University of Manchester.   There’s a running joke amongst my classmates that I’m the worst film student ever because I’ve never seen Star Wars – but I’m aiming to get through them all by the time I graduate!

I’m really looking forward to working with Insight and getting to promote the Student Filmmaker Award. Film festivals are more popular than ever, and getting the chance to work with the team here to run this award is fantastic for me.

I was drawn to Insight because of the core ethos of the festival and the work they do to facilitate discussions about faith. For the Student Filmmaker Award, we really want to see your interpretation of the theme and the award is a perfect opportunity to showcase your work and have feedback provided by some of the leading academics and practitioners working in the film industry today. The prize this year is phenomenal – but that’s not the only reason to enter.

Submitting work to awards like this is really worthwhile and can help you gain valuable skills and experience to carry forward into whatever future employment and field you go into. Transferable skills like effective communication, creative innovation, time management and being able to sell yourself and your work are desirable across almost any sector but especially in filmmaking.

The application process also gives you a chance to reflect on your work, and to think about what kind of filmmaker you are. Learning to work to a brief whilst also maintaining your own creative style is really worthwhile skill to have, and this year’s theme, A New[er] Hope certainly leaves lots of space for experimentation and expression.

For the lucky winner, the chance to gain experience in a professional context is invaluable – and to get to do it in Los Angeles is an absolutely fantastic experience. The only negative thing about my internship is that now I can’t apply for the award myself!

I’m really looking forward to continuing to work with Insight and especially viewing some of the amazing work that I know will be submitted for the Student Filmmaker Award this year. Whether you’re a first time filmmaker or have heaps of experience, there’s absolutely no reason why you couldn’t win this amazing prize. We’d love to see something original which melds the theme and also your individual filmmaking style. Submission is open until March 31st and can be done through the Insight website.