PLURAL+ interview: Yeshey Namgyal (Voices of Youth)

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Our friends at Voices of Youth (VOY) have kindly given Insight permission to republish an interview conducted today by UNICEF in New York City.

The interview

Voices of Youth met Yeshey Namgyal, a young filmmaker from Bhutan, and asked him some questions. His Yesheyvideo ‘My Paralympic Dream’ is the winner of the Insight Award in this year’s PLURAL+ festival.

VOY: What is your video about?

Yeshey: The short documentary is about a young person Pema with a physical disability – the disability does not allow Pema to use his hands. Growing up as a child in his remote village, he was deprived of almost every right and was abandoned by his parents. Nevertheless, he never gave up and developed skills using his two feet, replacing his hands, with the support of his grandparents and childhood friends. As he grew up listening to the radio, he came to learn about the city life that is thought to be a land of unlimited dreams. So he also started dreaming of migrating to the land of opportunities just like any other young person, despite his disability. Eventually his dreams brought him to the capital city Thimphu, where he became a successful painter and carver.

VOY: Why do you think global audiences need to see your film?

Yeshey: Global audiences need to see this film because all the people should know that we should not look down on persons with disabilities – they are blessed with exceptional talents and have the same rights as everybody else.

VOY: What was the most memorable moment from the filmmaking process?

Yeshey: The most memorable moment from the filmmaking was drinking tea made by Pema with his feet and watching him working with his feet like our hands. I think that Pema’s feet are more skilled than our hands.

VOY: Why do you think it is important for young people to make videos and other multimedia products?

Yeshey: It is important for young people to make videos and to produce other types of multimedia because it is one of the most powerful means of communication.

VOY: This year we are celebrating the 25th anniversary of the Convention on the Rights of the Child. What role do you think youth media makers can play in teaching children about their rights?

Yeshey: Youth media makers should make documentaries and photo exhibitions on child rights, to raise awareness on the various issues surrounding child rights.


DianaExcellent documentary there, proving to us that persons with disability aren’t useless as some of us think. It is only that they are gifted differently from us. Thanks for sharing this powerful message.

Source: Interview with Yeshey Namgyal by Mischa at VOY