Make your most beautiful dreams: greetings from Short Film Support

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This is a note we received from an Iranian Filmmaker

‘A message to all filmmakers:Make your most beautiful dreams’


Dear Filmmaker,

I’m addressing you from Earth… I live here…

Our era is the time of war, competition, boast[s] of ones who acclaim to be better, but actually are not… I know these well… And I know well that you’ve resorted to [the] starry bright sky of your dreams from all these… but…

I’m inviting you to Earth… besides the people who still drink water, breathe and miss you… Ones who smile when see the petty smile born in your film… ones who[se] fragrance of flowers still reminds them of spring…

Hello… welcome to Earth… here is where we should construct it together, hand in hand… people seek for the signs of hopes and beauties in our films… look at your films… where in your films [have] you concealed your beautiful dreams?

Arise and look at Spring, ’til its wind elutes  the sorrows in your eyes…

Make your most beautiful dreams, perhaps your beautiful dream ‘mirror’ can adorn Earth… don’t hesitate that in reward for this beauty, sky will surely come to Earth’s banquet…

In Short Film Support, we are awaiting you to come with Spring.

With kindest regards,

Mehdi Yarmohamadi
Tehran, Iran is a hub for Iranian short films and documentaries, providing mentoring for filmmakers, promotion of films, advocacy of Iranian film culture and opportunities to sell films to the marketplace.