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John Forrest in conversation with Michelle Bailey about her film Dad. which won her the Insight’s Young Filmmaker Award in March 2013 and the prize of attending a three-week course at EICAR, the Paris Film School, in July 2013.

The video interview with Michelle Bailey (04.20)

The highlights

➤ Michelle wondered if Dad would be suitable for entry to the 4th Insight Film Festival, given its emphasis on the relationship between fathers and their daughters.

➤ Michelle realised that the film’s backdrop, which portrays the Catholic religion, contrasts with personal faith in the bond between parents and their children, to explore hope and love.

➤ Michelle’s film is autobiographical. The dichotomy of drink and faith is a personal reality in her relationship with her own father.

➤ Michelle’s film tried hard to balance the portrayal of a relationship where a man is committed to religion, but not to his daughter. The film does not judge Catholicism or the father/daughter relationship: it simply tells the story of a daughter trying to understand her father’s behaviour.

➤ Michelle believes that everyone has a faith of some description, even when this faith is not placed in religious belief. She believes that faith is important both for when times are hard and for when they are good.

➤ Michelle explains that the short course at the EICAR Film School in Paris boosted her confidence, both in technical skill and in her personal vision. She has moved from a position of not knowing whether or not audiences would like her films to having a passionate belief in her ability to forge a career in film.

➤ Michelle now has the vision to make many more ‘Michelle Bailey’ films in the future.

Further information about Michelle Bailey


You can find out more about Michelle and her company, Baileyface Productions, by visiting her website.

Michelle recently posted a blog entry at her website, reproduced below, that reviews her overall experience of attending the EICAR Film School course in Paris. She found it impossible to update her blog during the course as the filmmaking content of the training was so intense once the teaching began in earnest.

5 December 2013

Paris, je t’aime

A few months ago I (Baileyface) had a great opporunity to attend summer school at the international film school EICAR in Paris, courtesy of the Insight Film Festival awarding Dad their Young Filmmakers Award. I managed to do a little bit of blogging about my experiences during the first few days, but sadly couldn’t find the time to fit in updates once filming had started.

I loved meeting my fellow filmmakers and helping them to produce their work. I was also able to learn the practical skills of filmmaking that unfortunately I did not have the opportunity to explore in either my BA and MA in film studies due to these courses being based on theory. Overall, however, it was the sense of camaraderie that made the trip the ultimate experience for me.

I met many wonderful people from across the world, coming to Paris with different experiences and backgrounds. I found it so fulfilling to sit in the screening cinema on the final day to watch all the students work, to feel part of their journeys as filmmakers and to know that my own film has formed part of my personal path.

I know that from time to time I will hear from my fellow EICAR summer workshop classmates to hear updates about their filmmaking projects. I couldn’t feel prouder to have shared three weeks with them during the glorious Parisian summer in 2013.

I wish every single one of them all the best and I know they will get the success that they deserve. Keep on keeping on, EICAR summer workshop classmates of 2013! I hope our paths cross again.


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