9th World Islamic Economic Forum: Insight screens Festival 4 films

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The World Islamic Economic Forum  (WIEF) describes itself as a world-class platform showcasing business opportunities in the Muslim world. The 9th iteration if WIEF recently came to London’s ExCeL Centre (29–31 October 2013). Insight had the chance to curate and show a few films.

9th WIEF group

The inaugural Forum took place in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia in 2005 and has continued since then as an annual event in various world cities where Islam has a strong base. The WIEF is now known worldwide as a yearly gathering for world leaders and top CEOs that also attracts many SME business people internationally. The Forum supports networks for innovative business to thrive in the Muslim world. The WIEF now attracts many thousands of delegates to its events. The 9th Forum came to London as the city is a leading, global financial and cultural centre  and the business gateway between Muslims and non-Muslims. The theme ‘Changing World, New Relationship’ aimed to reflect the developing of   economic links between nations across borders, religions and cultures in a fast-changing world.

MOCAfest international arts festival

The WIEF also ran a concurrent, international arts festival called  MOCAfest because the Forum realises the power of creative works and culture to shape society, to inspire young people and to boost economic activity around the world.

MOCAfest brings artists and audiences from around the globe to a showcase of performances, masterclasses, dialogue and networking sessions, film screenings, visual art exhibitions and artistic collaborations. MOCAfest 2013 featured 39 creatives in various disciplines and genres.  There was also an opportunity from before the Festival for businesses to engage in training with some international artists under the MOCAfellows programme.

Insight films screened

As part of the MOCAfest strand, Insight had the great privilege and honour to curate a few films for the delegates: the films that we screened included Admissions (trailer, 01.13; web), Boy in the Tree (trailer, 01.24; video diary, 01.33) and My Lad (film, 13.19). The films we curated were Award and Special Commendation winners at the 3rd Insight Festival (My Lad) and the 4th Insight Festival (Admissions; Boy in the Tree)

Promotional video for the 9th WIEF in London (00.31)


More information about the 9th WIEF event can by found at their website and a commentary of the event can be found on the Twitter hashtag #9thwief.

The 10th World Islamic Economic Forum will be held in Dubai in 2014, dates yet to be announced.