Compilation of video journal (all): John Forrest in the USA

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A video blog compilation by John Forrest, Festival Director.

015 John Forrest

John Forrest has edited and produced a short film montage compilation of the video clips he shot while he visited New York and Los Angeles in July 2013 on his Insight trip.

Enjoy the whole experience here in one sitting if you have the time.

Otherwise, you can watch the individual segments under earlier Insight video journal blog postings, 1-6.

Contents of the compilation (21.29)

➤ Blog posting 1: John Forrest arrives in New York
➤ Blog posting 2: John David Ware, Founder and President of the 168 Film Festival
➤ Blog posting 3: Eddie Siebart, President of Loyola Productions
➤ Blog posting 4: John Viscount, writer of Admissions
➤ Blog posting 5: Bob Arvin and Jeff Holder, 3dBOB Productions
➤ Blog posting 6: John Forrest signs off from Los Angeles

Outcomes of the trip

During John Forrest’s stay in New York he met up with Jordi Torrent, Project Manager, UNAOC and PLURAL + Youth Video Festival. As a result of this meeting, John and Jordi agreed that the Insight Film Festival should become a Partner organisation to PLURAL+ and that Insight would present an award at the 2013 PLURAL+ Awards Ceremony.

The winning entry of the Insight-Coexist Award, Admissions, has been screened on two further occasions as a direct result of the film having won the award. Admissions was one of a number of films screened as part of the MOCAfest strand of the 9th World Islamic Economic Forum held in London at the end of October 2013 (29-31 October 2013). Admissions was also screened as part of Insight’s contribution to the programme of the 9th International Movies and Religion Festival held in São Paulo, Brazil (2-8 December 2013).

Insight remains in contact with all the other filmmakers and festival directors interviewed in the video compilation. Some positive outcomes from the trip take longer to appear than others and Insight hopes to be able to report further on any developments that emerge.