Animation veterans, Bob Arvin and Jeff Holder, 3dBOB Productions: video journal (5)

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Bob Arvin, Jeff HolderA  video blog interview by John Forrest, Festival Director

John Forrest meets Bob Arvin and Jeff Holder, industry players in the field of  animation who have worked collaboratively on a number of projects.

Pen portraits

Bob Arvin founded and runs 3dBOB productions, a fully formed animation studio. 3dBOB gets hired by other, major studios to create complex sequences within larger films and by the advertising industry. The studio also produces independent films, such as The Godman – a 2005 TV movie animation seen by over 7 per cent of the world’s population. Jeff Holder is a freelance writer and producer, who has run kids’ programme networks in the USA and worked on some well-known franchises.

Summary of the filmed conversation

John chats with Bob and Jeff about the current environment for animation, both in the USA and globally, and about their interest in the Insight Film Festival. Bob and Jeff share their own insight into the Festival’s focus on ‘films on faith’. In the context of Southern California, ‘faith’ is a word that seems interchangeable with ‘Christianity’. As Insight’s ambition is to appeal to people of all faiths and none around the world, we shall have t0o choose our words carefully as we reach ever more people.

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 The video journal: animation veterans, Bob Arvin and Jeff Holder, 3dBOB Productions (07.05)


Film criticism in any genre is notoriously subjective: each critic has his or her favourites all captured at an instant in time. All that can be said for certain is that animation is now a key genre in what the movie business has to offer. Computer graphics revolutionised animation to such as extent that after a stagnant period of lack of output in the 1980s, when traditional animation ran out of steam, animated films now feature as some of the most popular films the world has ever seen. Here are some lists of what some film critics and websites consider to be the best film animations of all time: ➤ Guardian and Observer: Top 10 animated movies; ➤ Rotten Tomatoes website: Top 100 animation movies; ➤ IGN, games network website: Top 25 animated movies of all time; ➤ Complex magazine, pop culture: The 50 best animated movies of all time; ➤ IMDB website: Highest rated animation feature films with at least 1000 votes.