John Viscount, writer Admissions: video journal (4)

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A  video blog interview by John Forrest, Festival DirectorAdmissions poster

John Forrest meets John Viscount in Los Angeles. The latter John is the writer of Admissions, winner of the Insight / Coexist Award at the 4th Insight Film Festival.

The two Johns, Forrest and Viscount, chat about how the film came to be made and how it addresses the theme of faith in the context of the Palestinian-Israeli conflict in the Middle East.

John Viscount’s enthusiasm for his film and for the Insight Film Festival shine through this positive endorsement.

The video: John Viscount interview (03.49)

Links: background to the film, Admissions

The Israeli-Palestinian conflict remains one of the world’s most difficult geopolitical disputes to resolve. There has been anger and mistrust on both sides ever since the modern state of Israel was born in 1948. In such a dry part of the world, there have been political arguments over water supplies and the battles of the 1960s resulted in changes of boundaries that have been disputed even since. Admissions tackles this seemingly intractable conflict head on from the perspective of faith.

The following links show how statistics can be made to favour one side over the other:

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➤ Guardian, world news: Israel;
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Outcomes of the trip regarding Admissions

The winning entry of the Insight-Coexist Award, Admissions, has been screened on two further occasions as a direct result of the film having won the award. Admissions was one of a number of films screened as part of the MOCAfest strand of the 9th World Islamic Economic Forumheld in London at the end of October 2013 (29-31 October 2013). Admissions was also screened as part of Insight’s contribution to the programme of the 9th International Movies and Religion Festival held in São Paulo, Brazil (2-8 December 2013).