Eddie Siebert, President of Loyola Productions: video journal (3)

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A video blog interview by John Forrest, Festival Director
Eddie Siebert

John Forrest meets Eddie Siebert, President of Loyola Productions, in Los Angeles.

Loyola Productions

Eddie’s company is an independent, not-for-profit enterprise that produces compelling human-interest stories as films for general, mainstream audiences on subjects exploring diversity in culture, economic status, politics and religion.

Loyola Productions also make niche-market educational films, reflecting the 450-year Jesuit tradition of working in the fields of education and social justice. These films often win awards.

A future Insight prize?

Loyola logo

John and Eddie discuss the possibility of a prize being given for a new award at a future Insight Film Festival. Potentially, the winner of this yet-to-be-named award would receive the reward of working as an intern at Loyola Productions. As Eddie explains in the video clip, this would be a position full of real and rewarding tasks.

As soon as we get more news about how this prize would work in practice, we shall let filmmakers know  via this news channel and through social media.

John and Eddie had not met  before, which goes to show that good things can come when people meet each other at the right time.

The video: Eddie Siebert, Loyola Productions (04.27)


Eddie Siebert and Loyola Productions have featured in press articles from time to time. Here is one of the best clippings:

➤ New York Times (2 April 2010): A mission field behind the camera.

Here are some of the other places on the web where Eddie makes an appearance:

➤ Loyola Productions: 40: The series;
➤ Catholics in Media Associates (CIMA), board member: Fr Eddie Siebart;
➤ Jescom website: Loyola Productions.

Outcomes of the trip so far

Insight remains in contact with Eddie Siebert along with all the other filmmakers and festival directors interviewed in the video compilation. Some positive outcomes from the trip take longer to appear than others and Insight hopes to be able to report further on any developments that emerge.