Greenbelt and Insight: a developing relationship

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John Forrest, Festival Director, recommends readers to watch this space for a forthcoming Insight–Greenbelt announcement that is coming soon…

Greenbelt tents

Greenbelt Festival 2013

Anyone who attends the Greenbelt Festival in Cheltenham, UK,  between 23-26 August 2013 may get the chance to see one of this year’s Insight prize-winning entries.

Insight–Greenbelt Award

We are delighted to remind everyone that Tom Price won the first Insight–Greenbelt Award. His film, Welcome to Greenbelt (04.50), has already been screened at various festivals related to Greenbelt around the world. In August 2013, during the Festival, it will have its main screening.

Tom Price interview

Tom gave us his reaction to winning his award if you have not already read this in our blog: Insight meets Tom Price: Greenbelt Award winner.

We shall soon be making an announcement about how Insight’s relationship with Greenbelt has grown and borne fruit. Here’s a sneak preview that tells you something exciting is about to be launched (00.44):


Background to Greenbelt


Greenbelt is a collision of the arts, faith and justice. Engaged with culture, inspired by the arts, sustained by faith, we aspire to be an open generous community reimagining the Christian narrative for the present moment.


Our mission is to create spaces, like festivals, where art, faith and justice collide.


What we stand for informs how we behave. We stand for an inclusive and progressive Christian faith, which calls us to:

➤ Transform life for the common good;
➤ Put people first;
➤ Collaborate, conspire and converse;
➤ Cherish the journey as much as the destination.


The Greenbelt Festival started in 1974, and has continued to come together each year since then, without exception. The 2014 event was therefore  Greenbelt’s 40th anniversary. The Festival has produced a promotional trailer (03.12) to commemorate this milestone and used Indiegogo to crowdfund a documentary about the history and influence of the Festival.