Volunteer at Festival 4: Amy Green talks to Insight

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Volunteer, Amy Green, writes about her experience of the 4th Insight Film Festival held at Z-arts in March 2013. Amy is a student in film and television production at the Manchester College.

Amy GreenVolunteering for Insight: Amy’s story

During the Festival I volunteered as a steward. My jobs including working on the reception desk and assisting with catering for the volunteers and guests of the Festival.

Reasons for volunteering

I decided to volunteer at the Festival as I am currently a film student. I’ve always been interested in films and I love short films, in particular. I think that the Insight Festival, and other festivals like it, are incredibly important to showcase fantastic short films on the big screen so that they can be appreciated and given wider attention. I also wanted to assist the Festival as I am a Christian. The Festival showcases films with a ‘faith’ theme. Accepting other faiths and views is important in today’s society, and I believe using films to do this  is very effective.

Benefits of volunteering

Volunteering at the Festival has defiantly helped me in my future career. It allowed me to watch a wide spectrum of films. I was able to see what makes an award-winning short film, and this has inspired me to think of my own short-film ideas.


I really enjoyed volunteering for Insight. I was able to meet some fantastic people, some students like myself, and some filmmakers who were able to give me some advice on making short films. I would recommend highly the experience of volunteering to anyone interested in film when the next Insight Festival is held.

Insight’s guest interview policy

The Insight Film Festival publishes interviews on our blog from guests of interest on an ad hoc basis. The Festival is delighted to publish a range of interview pieces on the themes of film and faith, and other subjects, but the personal views expressed in such articles do not reflect the views and opinions of the Insight Film Festival itself, which is an organisation that comprises individuals of many different faiths and none, all of whom have their own personal views and opinions on films, faith and other subjects.