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Jason Carter expresses his Christian faith through music videos and music making. His experience of playing music internationally gives him rare insight into cultures, religions and traditions around the world. He enjoys interacting in particular with Muslim friends. This is how he sees his life as a musician and as a man of faith.

Jason Carter: interview

There are two main strands to how I express my faith through what I do, performing as a professional musician.

Music is interfaithjasoncarter

The first of these strands is the more obvious of the two: I connect with Muslim musicians and bring together people from all walks of life through music. The sharing of musical talents is a gift; a powerful platform for interfaith dialogue for people on all sides of religious belief. Most of these concerts take place in the Middle East.

Music on film

The second, more ambiguous, side is the music videos I produce. I have been deeply inspired by the life and work of Hans Rookmaker, especially when he wrote and talked about whether art needs justification. He believed that we need to be creative and use the gifts we have, simply because we have them, and that ‘light’ should be shared through these talents. I feel my role as a musician is to become the best artist can be with the gifts I have and, through this endeavour, connect with others to share faith through my music and in open discussion.

Music crosses boundaries

A good example of this approach in action is my relationship with Muslim friends in Saudi Arabia. I have built many solid relationships in the last 12 years through my visits to that country. We have enjoyed real dialogue through trust and friendship, and this has opened many doors to mutual understanding. If I were to venture into the Middle East, or anywhere else in the world, with an agenda to convert people, doors would close immediately. My demonstration of faith in action is to be the best advocate I can be, using God’s gifts, to see where my music takes me.

Another example of the power of music to reach people is the experience I have of performing in North Korea, a place where the sharing of music can touch emotions and human spirits beyond the scope of conventional dialogue. Here is a short film a made about my time spent in North Korea (07.19):


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