EICAR blog (1): Bonjour!

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Reproduced by kind permission of Michelle Bailey of Baileyface Productions, winner of the Young Filmmaker’s Award at the 4th Insight Film Festival.

Jack Michelle Vit


8 July 2013

‘If we don’t write, we are dead’

Bonjour! Baileyface here, coming at you from Paris.

It’s my second day in Paris, first day of film school at EICAR and if I’m to start with something provocative from one of the many things I’ve been told today it has to be … ‘If we don’t write, we  are dead.’

Well, looks like I’ve been staggering around in the undead category for a little bit, so this zombie has her work cut out for her.

Today was for introductions to the course as well as for the start of writing our scripts – and I’ve learnt that writers block will follow you, not matter where you are.

So what do you do when you have three weeks to make a short film, including a few days to write that film? Well, my first reaction was ‘panic’! But that doesn’t get you anyway either – so I wrote about my writer’s block, which seemed stop my mental block, for now anyway.

The lecturers are very helpful and supportive, and the onsite locations we have to work with are interesting: I’m currently eyeing up the old locomotive they have placed in the park…

But, to be honest, I still have a long way ahead before I feel I have my final script. Maybe Paris will inspire me.?

Anyway, tomorrow is a new day and I better get writing if I’m going to be resurrected anytime soon.

Peace out ,