EICAR blog (3): Who are we, where are we going?

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Reproduced by kind permission of Michelle Bailey of Baileyface Productions, winner of the Young Filmmaker’s Award at the 4th Insight Film Festival.

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12 July 2013

‘Who are we, where are we going?

Good question! One that was repeated by the lecturer of the actor’s workshop that I attended today. He suggests that there is no real answer – that we will never find it out – but the process of life will be the actual answer. I’ve had many inspiring lecturers in my time, but it was a pleasure to sit in a stuffy hot room and listen to the him as he spoke with so much passion and love.

As directors, it’s vital that we understand the process of ‘acting’  one of our most important tools for telling our stories  –  hence why  part of the EICAR film course is the actors’ workshop. Today I took part in many exercises exploring acting, which gave me a different perspective on the actor/director relationship – and it re-established the undeniable fact in my mind that acting is a great art.

Yet the main agenda of the day was to cast the actors for our film, which I’m happy to say went extremely well. They are all very talented young actors, who took direction very well. I have cast Luce and Lysandre as my two leading ladies – I simply can not wait to get on set and watch them bring my script to life. I don’t have to wait long, as I’m shooting this coming Monday – my screenplay was the first to be finished and one of the simplest in terms of shooting.

Whereas I’ll have less time to prepare than most people on the course, I just keep thinking about the great feeling of having shot my film on the first day of the week.

Later in the week I’ll be helping out on other students’ projects, such as a great ‘visual’ short called The Tree by Sally Taylor. I will be acting in this particular project,but I will also be ‘Assistant Director’, ‘Director of Photography’ and ‘Gaffer’ on other projects, which will be interesting and a great experience.

I also forgot in my recent blogs to mention how beautiful and magical Paris truly is. I can’t express how much in love I am with this city. Even what could be seen as a mundane commute to film school is a great experience as you sit listening to musicians play Django Reinhardt’s ‘Minor Swing‘ on trumpets and acoustic guitar. Anyway, I’m off to keep answering the question of ‘Who am I, where am I going?’ by storyboarding my film and smoking on the grass in front of the Sacre Coeur

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