EICAR blog (2): An actor’s is a landscape

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Reproduced by kind permission of Michelle Bailey of Baileyface Productions, winner of the Young Filmmaker’s Award at the 4th Insight Film Festival.

111 M Bailey; DAD


9 July 2013

‘An actor’s face is a landscape’

Bonsoir! Baileyface again!

Back from my second day of EICAR film school and today’s lesson was l’histoire du cinéma. I’ve had the pleasure to be lectured on the subject by Spencer Murphy at Coventry University before, but it was good to recap and – more importantly learn things that had escaped me, or that I had long forgotten. For instance, fascism helped to shape cinema more than you might like to imagine. From the considerable first cinematic masterpiece by D W Griffith – The Birth of a Nation (1915) – which was pro-KKK (with a screenplay  written by a priest, no less) to post-WWII countries trying to find their cinematic feet after the utter devastation of the homelands and lack of resources. So, er – thanks ‘fascism’, I think?

We watched some of the classics, such as Nosferatu (1922), and I learnt a quote (can’t remember who said it ) that ‘an actor’s face is a landscape’ – I wonder if a ‘Baileyface’ could be considered as a landscape too?

Then the afternoon was spent staring at that all so familiar and glaring-white, Word document, attempting to create our own masterpiece after being inspired by the greats. Unfortunately no masterpiece as of yet, but my writer’s block has well and truly disappeared – for now at least, it seems. Maybe it has  gone on its holidays along with self doubt and self critique?

So, I have completed the first draft of my script – despite us all being told to work on a logline, pitch and treatment first but us here at Baileyface … well, I always like to be a bit different. The train that I was eyeing up yesterday is firmly in my script, which I’m sure will make Baileyface friend and train driver Michael Ratledge happy …  and it’s my first attempt at a comedy, so maybe the landscape of Baileyface will be forever turned upside-down? Nah, who am I kidding!

Peace out you crazy cats.


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8 July 2013Film: F W Murnau, Nosferatu DVD (1922), Max Schreck, Gustav van Wangenhelm, Greta Schröder

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