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Guest blogging opportunity

The Insight team is keen to encourage as much engagement with the Festival website as possible. One way we are doing so is to send out this invitation for filmmakers and interested individuals to write film reviews. We will publish the best of these online.

We are especially keen to hear from you about essential films that others may have missed. The Insight blog can be a platform for highlighting compelling films that deserve wider attention.

If you’re making a film that addresses or explores or addresses ‘faith’ – or the lack of it – as an issue, we would love to you to write about it. Equally, if recently seen a film that connects with the issues and want to start a conversation with a review, we want to hear from you.

Here are some pointers as to what to include in your review and the format in which to write it.

Elements of a review

➤ Film title;
➤ Country of origin;
➤ Year of release;
➤ The production company;
➤ Technical specification.

➤ Selected cast members
➤ Selected crew members: identify the producer, director and screenwriter

The review (around 500 words) – some sample questions to address:

1. What is the film about?

2. Where in the world is the film set?

3. How does the film address the theme of ‘faith’? Does this approach succeed?

4. Who will enjoy this film most?

5. What do you think of the film personally?

6. Is the film successful in its aims (e.g. entertainment, moral issues, education, news)?

7. Does the film have any important messages for its audience about ‘faith… and ‘life’ in general?

8. Would you recommend the film for other people to watch?

Contact us

If you would like to send us a film review please email us with your contribution to info@insightfestival.com.

We shall acknowledge receipt of your piece, give you our feedback (including editorial suggestions where applicable) and publish your work, if its quality merits a wider readership – especially if the film, and its treatment of the issue of  faith, deserve to be highlighted.