Insight meets Tom Price: Greenbelt Award winner

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This photograph is a screen shot from Tom Price’s award-winning film, Welcome to Greenbelt (04.50)


Here are Tom’s thoughts about the 4th Insight Festival and his future projects. 

Insight: What is your reaction to winning an award at Festival 4? 

TP: I really wish I’d been at the Festival to pick up the award and see the other films, unfortunately I was away. My experience of these events is that they’re as good as you make them … how much you talk about your film and tell people and ‘sell’ the thing. I think the gradual accumulation of solid work, good contacts and accolades is what helps in most industries, so it’s all helpful for sure.

Insight: What have you been doing creatively since finishing your film about Greenbelt?

TP: I’ve just had another short film screened at the PICS Festival in London – which was exploring how images can impact social change. Many of the major INGOs were there and during my Q&A, the head picture editor at DfID gave some extremely positive feedback, which I was bowled away by. The film was an experimental multimedia project exploring the stories of three student teachers (sponsored by a charity based in Winchester with links to the diocese) from South Sudan who had been refugees during the civil war. You can see it and read more about it here on my blog: Racing Against Catastrophe (2012).

Also I have shot a trilogy of short documentaries (2013) for the Bishop of Yei, talking about the work of his diocese in South Sudan within the Church, in education and in health.

One of the next projects I’m working on explores bereavement through photography and image, using some insights and methodologies from phototherapy. It’s still very much in the development stage at the moment, but I’ll be talking more about it as it progresses.

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