Insight talks to Giacomo Mantovani about his Festival 4 experience

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Insight spoke to The Dark Side of the Mind filmmaker Giacomo (Jack) Mantovani about his response and reaction to the 4th Insight Festival.


Jack Michelle VitFrom left Giacomo, Michelle, Vit

1.  How did you find the 4th Insight Festival weekend?

The venue, which was really easy to get from the station, offered a massive screening room and a very relaxing lounge, where we have had the pleasure to enjoy the company of Insight Festival staff. The day was filled of screenings, so many that was almost impossible to follow the whole schedule and watch all the films.

2. Was there anything in particular that stood out?

What I appreciated more, being a non-religious person, was the sense of the peaceful ‘meeting’ of different ideas, ideologies and religions, with the main aim to open a sincere and constructive confront.

3. What did you think of the films that were shown?

Having managed to watch almost all the screenings, or at least the vast majority of them, I was surprised by both technical level and depth of meaning of the films. Up to today I have attended an incalculable number of film festivals, but this is the very first time that I have seen such a well-concentrated series of thoughtful films, which is perfectly aligned with my own aim and genre.

4.  What would you say to film-makers thinking of entering the 5th Insight Festival?

I would like them to keep doing, and keep doing it well. What we have seen at this Insight Festival edition was so good. And so I would like more people to start producing films with a deep meaning, and at the same time technically majestic.

5.  Are you continuing to make films? 

Films are my life, this is not just a job but rather a vocation. I have a never ending list of film projects, which I will realise step by step, and all of them have in common the aim to bring audience to think about important things in life. At the moment I am raising the budget for my feature film project Brothers and Sisters, which I hope I will be able to realise soon.