Insight previews Sisters in Love

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Insight blogger, Kasia Wiśniowska, takes a look at the shortlisted film, Sisters in Love, produced and directed by Brindusa Ioana Nastasa.

The question ‘Who chooses to live behind the monastery’s walls?’ initiated this beautiful documentary.

Sisters in Love gathers the stories of nuns of different ages and backgrounds. It is a touching and intimate visual diary of the sisters’ memories and thoughts. Nuns are not afraid of Nastana’s questions and they are not scared of replying with brutal honesty. The sisters talk about love, not only of their love of God and their mission, but also about of ordinary, human love. We gradually discover that many of the nuns have experienced being in relationships or in love at various moments of their lives. They are people like the rest of us, longing for affection and the feeling of being loved. The film explores the last straw that makes a woman take one of the biggest decisions of her life.

I believe this documentary is a real jewel among our shortlisted films. I am looking forward to listening to the audience’s opinion of the film after its screening.