Festival 4’s opening feature

Posted on by Becky Padley

Insight was proud to open Festival 4 with the UK Northern première screening of Material.

The premise of the film is a family drama… Cassim Kaif is a young Muslim man working for his father Ebrahim in his textile store. It’s Ebrahim’s dream for Cassim to take over the shop, but Cassim has discovered a talent for stand-up comedy, and he soon finds himself in direct conflict with his father, his family and his community.

The trailer for Material (02.04) gives a taste of the comedy and pathos of the movie.

The film premièred at the London Film Festival in 2012.

The screening was followed by a Q&A session

We were delighted that members of the cast and crew attended the screening. Vincent Ebrahim (The Kumars at No. 42), who plays Ebrahim Kaif, and Tendeka Matatu, the executive producer, joined us for a Q&A session after film had been shown.