Insight previews Admissions

Posted on by Becky Padley

Insight blogger, Katarzyna Wiśniowska, previews Admissions, a film shortlisted for the 4th Insight Festival

Directed by Harry Kakatsakis, Admissions depicts the meeting of three people: an apparently Israeli couple (Anna Khaja and Anthony Batarse) and a young, seemingly, Palestinian man (Oren Dayan). They meet in an extremely white lounge, which resembles a waiting room in a hospital. They sit confused on the sofa, facing an older gentleman, a clerk (James Cromwell) wearing a white suit, who’s looking at them from behind the desk.

Where are they? No specific location has been named and their own names are no longer relevant. They have 15 minutes before they will find out whether their path leads to Heaven or Hell. They cannot understand why they are in this situation together when they’ve believed in different things, lived different lives, and hated each other for years.

The anger takes over and the hatred flows out. They attempt to prove to each other who is right, who made mistakes, all in the presence of the man in white.

So is their path leading them to Heaven or Hell?

Kakatsakis cleverly portrays one of the biggest mistakes of humanity – searching for God, but acting as if we’re God ourselves. No one has given us the right to say who is wrong and who needs to be punished.

We may images of Heaven and Hell, and use it them to define sin and who deserves to be denounced. So where is the place for God in that?

Trailer (01.13)