Insight talks to Vit Polacek about The Creation of the World

Posted on by Becky Padley

Insight blogger, Kasia Wiśniowska, chats with Vit Polacek about the creative inspiration behind – and evolution of – his film, The Creation of the World.

‘The main inspiration for me was the text from the very beginning of the Book of Genesis from the Bible, mostly the part that speaks about the “Creation of the World”. I also received a present from my girlfriend, a book of medieval study from Thierry de Chartres about the same topic,and my interest became even stronger. Of course, my thoughts and reflections about both texts became a found mental inspiration. I was thinking about how the man was created for an image of God. Most interesting for me as a filmmaker was that we have the possibility to create, which makes every storyteller who makes a construction of fictional world similar to God, who created the real world.

‘As I attended the “minimalism in film” unit as part of my course, I started to create my own way of minimalistic film-making. I found the work of the Dardenne brothers, Jean-Pierre and Luc, or Abbas Kiarostami very inspiring, although saying that my film was influenced by them would be disrespectful to both of the great masters.

‘Every story has its own message. I think, that every film has to speak about itself and,as a minimalist, I am convinced that using just right number of words or images is a great art. The Creation of the World (not my film, but the event) is a subject of faith. I am working with the belief that the world was created by God. But also anyone who disagrees with that – and has his own theory about that – has to believe in it. Because there is still uncertainity about everything what happened and it will be possibly a secret forever. But for me (and I hope it can be seem from the film) each man has their own autonomous world as well as their own image of God. I also think that almost every religion speak about similar matters.’