Insight previews Dylan’s Room

Posted on by Becky Padley

Insight blogger, Kasia Wiśniowska, watches Dylan’s Room, a film on the shortlist for Festival 4.

Dylan’s Room is a short film by UK film-maker, Layke Anderson. The director introduces the central character of a mother seemingly engaged in tidying her son’s room. Anderson never fully reveals the narrative, but there are suggestions as to what might have happened and how it connects to the on-screen reality.We are left with a burning feeling of unanswered questions and unclear thoughts, which we may presume is how the mother (played by Joanna Scanlan) is also feeling.

Faith is not directly apparent in this short. But for me, while watching the film I felt that everything that is happening on the screen is indeed a matter of faith.

It will be fascinating to discover the audience’s reaction at Festival 4; I am looking forward to the discussions following the screening.

Trailer (01.11)