Insight previews The Creation of the World

Posted on by Becky Padley

Insight blogger, Kasia Wiśniowska, gives her reaction to the shortlisted film, The Creation of the World, directed by Vit Polacek

This film touches upon the subject of faith with a different approach from many other films. The Creation of the World shows a day from the life of an ordinary family, living in a regular, cosy house. They pass their daily routine peacefully, dining together and allowing their children to fully enjoy their childhood. However, the director introduces us to the two main characters of the parents in a midst of a quarrel.  The audience learns that the wife has not shared something with her husband appropriately; she has kept something secret from him. We assume that this secret is news that may influence the peace and the rhythm of their family life.

The Creation of the World is a film about the importance of unity and family, which many religions often take as fundamental principles. Any problem that appears should bring the family together. Unity should come before diversity, as number one always comes before number two.  Personally, I appreciate how the director has found an interesting way of sharing his point of view. He tells us a story about the important things in life, without presenting it as epic or filled with pathos. He presents characters we can relate to, in situations that we can easily find ourselves in every day, but he deals with serious matters of our grey existence…