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Review: Amy

This week’s #IFFReview considers a life of a creative artist living under the spotlight of public gaze and then being […]

52 Tuesdays

Review: 52 Tuesdays

This week’s #IFFReview is a logical extension of video blogging, employing ideas from time-lapse photography to explore characters’ emotions over […]


Review: The Zero Theorem

This week’s #IFFReview is the most recent film by director, Terry Gilliam. Here is Insight friend and guest blogger Peter Malone’s […]

3. FFF; sharp

5 autobiographical films

In this week’s #FaithFilmFriday, Insight team member and blogger MaoHui Deng reviews five films that auteur directors have made about […]


Review: The Double

This week’s #IFFReview is an adaptation of a short story by a Russian master. Here is Insight friend and guest […]

3. FFF; sharp

5 films about altruism

‘Love thy neighbour’ – and the altruism this commandment promotes – is not only a fundamental belief of Christianity, but also […]